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Khorasan Razavi

Khorasan Razavi

Visiting Khorasan would be a discovery.  In the meantime all around the worls know Iran by Persepolice and Tehran , Khorasan makes you wondered . This Provience mostly known By Mashad and Imam Reza Holly shrine , but if you keep gonig from Mashad to other cities and towns , You will find The Great Neyshabur , Kashmar , Torbat e Jam and Torbat e Heydariye , which are wonderful.

Neyshabur Landscapes

Neyshabur or Neyshapur , The land of Turquoise , famed by Omar Khayam . Beautiful city recommended to visit in summer . This county has a lot to explore .

Khorasan Razavi

Let’s say you land in HashemiNejad airport in Mashad, the center of Khorasan Razavi province . When folks search for Mashad in Internet , Mostly the picture of Imam Reza holy shrine comes up .

Imam Reza is 8th Imam of Shia’s Imams. Mashhad is a mega city of 4 m population. Other sights such as Naderi musium , Torghabeh countryside , Mahdi Gholi beik Hammam , and some parks …  It can take 3 days to visit , No rush…

But If you move from  Mashad to Neyshabur in 2 hours , It has alot to see:*Mausoleum of Omar Khayyám  * Mausoleum of Attar Neyshaburi  * Wooden Village *The Shadiyakh ancient exploration sight * Shah Abbasi Caravanserai * Museum of Neyshabur * Turquoise mines and industry  *salt mines *Bouzhan countrysideNeyshabur can take 5 days to visit all !Then you can move toward Kashmar.

From Neyshabur to Kashmar you will pass stunning road amoung mountains  to reach Kouhsorkh . It has amazing place to stop by , with it’s great weather and nice Khorasani style villages.

*Ivar village is awesome to see buildings have been built into the mountain and are interconnected. Courtyards and roofs both serve as pedestrian like streets. Helthy Persian foods are easy to get in Kouhsorkh.

After Kouhsorkh toward Kashmar : * Haj Soltan Seminary is good to see . *Modarres meusium *FayzAbad desert jungles *Sarhowzak fireplace cave *Carpet weaving workshops

Bardaskan : *AliAbad Keshmar Tower and village *Awesome Namakeh Desert  Accompanied by the Khorasani dancers and music *FiruzAbad Tower

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