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Shahroud Steamy Jungle

Shahroud Steamy Jungle

When someone talks about clouds, it reminds you some steamy moving thing in the sky. But now, we are talking about a jungle; Shahroud Steamy Jungle.As you might see corresponded pictures, this is one amazing landscape which makes everyone astonished.

  • Semnan Shahroud Steamy Jungle

It located in Gorgan plain in Shahroud County. To reach this eyeful landscape, Shahroud Steamy Jungle, you have to pass Bastam gardens. You will be influenced by mystical Sultan al’aarefin Bayazid Bastami and Sheikh abolHassan Kherghani, whom 10 centuries before, quoted about this wood: “Every one whom interred this place, feed them , and don’t ask about his faith ” .Then you will climb far through the Shahvar peak of 4000 m height. This wood has 35,000 hectare scope and is a portion of ancient Hirkani jungles. High altitude from the sea, low temperature in summer and lot’s of nice fountains and lots of diverse woods are some traits of this jungle.If you go for first time to this place it’s recommended to go a local guide to have better access to beauties of it.The route is about 70 km from Bastam and half of it is asphalt. The route is mostly covered by hawthorn and raspberries shrubs.When you move forward, The “Maran castle” place and debris of 3000 years old gets visible. Cycling in this tour is possible.If you are interested to wildlife, wild boar and bears , leopard and wolfs , various snakes and birds can be found in this woods.Camping with enough equipment is recommended and would be awesome!