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Birthplace of Human Rights

Birthplace of Human Rights

When Cyrus King of Achaeminid of Persia , conquers Babylon announced that ” All slaves are free to go ” and documented his words on a clay tablet known as the Cyrus cylinder , and just like that , Human Rights were born! So Birthplace of Human Rights was Pasargadae the Achaeminid capital.

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Did you know Iran is actually the Birthplace of Human Rights?

Cyrus the Great, the founder of Achaemenid Empire , The first Persian Empire under his rule. He formed a government in Pasargadae (now in Fars province of Iran) and eventually he made the Persia, the largest empire the world had ever seen.It was at 539 BC, Cyrus conquers Babylon. He did something completely revolutionary. He announced that “All slaves are free to go “. He also said “people had the freedom to choose their religion, no matter what crowd, they were a part of.”  He documented his words on a clay tablet known as the Cyrus cylinder  , and just like that , Human Rights were born in Cyrus the Greats political capital , Pasargadae ! Hence we can conclude Pasargadae, was the Birthplace of Human Rights.   The Idea spread quickly, to Greece, to India, and eventually to Rome.The Cyrus cylinder, in now in British museum, room no 52. In 1971 united nation translated Cyrus cylinder to every official language in the world and made a model of it to show in main hall of Security Council in New York UN place.Pasargadae is the Burial place of Cyrus the Great. To reach Pasargadae, you have to first move to Shiraz , then by passing Saadat Shahr, 20 km subway road will lead to Madar Soleyman village and then passing 4 km will get you to Pasargadae. There, you can see the tomb of Cyrus the Great. The city that he founded himself.This Achaeminid capital, Pasargadae, is a major complex of palaces, governmental mansions, a fortress and tomb of Cyrus. Therefore, these antiquities are spread in Morghab lands. Now days, some parts of it has became gardens and meadows.