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First wedding ring ever

Do you know The first wedding rings were used was in Iran , about 1250 years BC !?

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  • Queen NapirAAsu statue First wedding ring ever

Dr Pierre Amiet, the Elamites civilization and culture expert, mentioned:” This statue is not only art, but also a reference point in casting and bronze art which requisites skillful and dexterous bronze worker people in Elamites era. The NapirAAsu statue is biggest metal artwork in ancient east which has never seen such in Egypt and Babylon. This precious art built to glorify the Elamite queen. Therefore, it represents the woman’s importance in Elamite era. “On costume lappet, there are cravings refereed to the queen and gods names of Elam in Elamite cuneiform . On the left wedding ring finger, you can see a ring which is probably her wedding ring.NapirAAsu statue is being kept in Louvre , (why not Iran museums then?!). It was discovered by Jacob Demorgan , the french archeologist in 1903 .Also on costume lappet there is a note:” I am NapirAAsu, The spouse of Untash-Napirisha. Whoever tries to capture my statue , Who ever tries to break it down , and who ever try to destroy it and remove my name , will go to be fall into wrath of gods , Inshoshinak , NepIrisha and KirIrisha and his name and his name and family and race be vanished. “Yet now day, you can find¬†Elamite¬†remaining in Khuzestan and Elam provinces of Iran.