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Kamal o Din Nabavi Tabatabaei House

Kamal o Din Nabavi Tabatabaei House

Borujerd, Lorestan, Iran.

It is Known as “Khaneye Farhang”, (culture house) belong to Kamal o Ding TabaTabaei , From Qajar Dynasty era of 130 years ago. A beautiful Persian style house made out of bricks, eye caching tiles and ceramics, wooden windows and door frames… all in Persian form and style.

At the house entrance, you will face a 2 piece wooden door, and long corridor. Which contains horse stables and it ends to a big yard.

At the north side of this stylish elegant yard, there is a two floor main building. In the southern side of yard like all exclusive Persian style houses, there are storage houses, Kitchens and Hammams (Persian bathrooms). At the western side, there is a terrace and an irrigation system and east ends to a bricks wall with arcs.

Remarkable living room, wonderful ceilings accompanied with artistically paintings. There is a signature belong to Nematollah Naghash ( Naghash means painter in Persian ) on fireplace . Nematollah Naghash, used to be a master in painting in those days of Borujerd.

This picturesque house now a day is a museum for handicrafts and culture correspondences of Borujerd. Lorestan has a lot to see and you can ask our tour guides to take you there. Let us know.
Tabatabaei House